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About me

We all have the right to experience struggle

I recognize that when we are pushed past our comfort zone, we can really grow and evolve as individuals, IF, we adopt a growth mindset. 


After losing both of my parents to cancer at a young age, I embarked on a lifelong journey to develop my own sense of self, so that I could stand tall on my own two feet through the thick of life.

My goal is to live by example, to inspire, and to teach others how to take the practical, daily steps to fulfill their aspirations with full intention and passion. 


I am honored to be able to share what I have learned, developed, and implemented, and to help encourage you to take charge of your life, one step at a time.


I'm passionate about what I do

The families and individuals that I work with hold a special place in my heart.


I meet you with a growth mindset, listen to you closely, and seek to understand you and your personal objectives. Then, I break the process down into reasonable and practical steps to get you started. Throughout our work together, I initiate contact, check in regularly and offer personal attention and support moving forward.


In addition to working towards your goals, my ultimate goal for you is to acquire the skills, tools, and confidence to be able to navigate your situation, calmly, centered, and sure of yourself.

I offer continued support after our sessions have ended because having someone to turn to when your questions come up makes all the difference in your ability to make decisions with certainty while keeping your ship sailing smoothly. 

A note from Dorit...

For as long as I can remember, people have naturally gravitated towards me seeking advice and guidance in their challenges. Every situation I take on provokes feelings of eagerness and excitement within me, each time as if it were the first. 


My friends always joke that my brain is like an ever-growing file cabinet.  Translating a process into pocket-sized, doable, practical steps has allowed me to naturally facilitate change for myself and others.  


I fell in love with learning while earning my BA in education, at National Louis University, and went on to pursue my dream of teaching. Once I became a parent, I shifted my focus from teaching children, to teaching parents. I continued my education in the fields of parenting and sleep for babies and small children and became a member of the IACSC (International association of child sleep consultants) in Israel. After 18 years, I still get excited when a family calls for help!

In addition to my full-time sleep consulting practice, I have developed and teach a parenting course called “The Parent Within Me” together with my dear friend and colleague Rivka Klein-de Graaf. Our approach to parenting while honoring connection and keeping everyone’s dignity intact is what characterizes us as one of a kind.

Rivka and I have also established a methodology called "The GPS Within Me" for navigating relationships both with others and ourselves while emphasizing self-care. Through this practice, we focus on honoring our needs so that we can connect with others on a full tank.

My learning is never done. Continuing my education and self-development keeps me inspired and at the top of my game. I am able to enrich others' experiences by continuing to learn, grow, and evolve myself. 

Count on yourself moving forward. I give you that gift

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