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Sleep consulting packages

Quiet nights for you & your child

(Newborn-3 months) - 1190 NIS

Our babies were not born with a manual! Get the tools and support you need to start nurturing and encouraging wholesome sleep and feeding habits right from the start.

This package includes an initial Zoom consultation (up to 60 minutes), 3 coaching calls (up to 30 min each) at your request (Sunday-Thursday), breast and bottle-feeding support, daytime sleep scheduling recommendations, and text support for the duration of the package.  

I’m excited to help you start off on the right foot.  You get more than just sleep training basics, you gain a friend to lead and encourage you along your path while your child cultivates strong, independent sleep and self-soothing skills.

All charges include 17% VAT. Payment is due at the time of the sleep consultation- cash, credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, PayBox, or BIT is accepted.

The client is responsible to pay transfer fees endured by the bank or through PayPal.

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