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Parenting support


Focus on the relationship, not the child


Each precious child comes into this world with their own bundle of unique traits, needs, preferences, boundaries, abilities and challenges. As the parent, it is our responsibility to understand, accept, and nurture each child, by acknowledging and honoring their individual needs and boundaries, while holding them in a context of connection and self-compassion.

Children respond more to who we are than to the words we speak. When we are present, centered and clear, our children have a solid entity to connect to. When we choose to focus inwards and fine-tune our behaviors, our expectations and our composure, we intentionally become the role model we wish for them. We influence and empower our children just by being who we are.


I live by the fundamental belief that children are not ours to control or fix. Rather, with our gentle guidance, they embark on a lifelong voyage of self-discovery. When children are given the opportunity to rehearse steering their ship and uncovering solutions through trial and error, they in time, become masters in navigating their own ship through clear and muddy waters. Our role as parents is to be the loving, supportive presence for our children along the way while maintaining inner stability and modeling loving, flexible responses. 


I am excited to help you, in your parenting role, so that you approach situations centered and clear on what needs to happen while honoring the connection with your child and yourself.

Parenting support

What you can expect

I gather information by listening to you attentively and connecting the dots to get a clear sense of your family dynamics.  We will learn to view situations that come up from your child's perspective so that you can come alongside them and meet them with understanding. Once we recognize our children's needs, we can parent proactively and intentionally, anticipating and preventing dissonance. And when situations come up, because they do, we think together, gain insight, and gather tools to flow through the parent-child dance with fluency and confidence while keeping our and our children's dignity intact. 

We can do this together!

1 HOUR consulting sessions

480 NIS

Let's schedule a meeting!

 I successfully support families in honoring the connection between themselves and their children while reaching their goals.

We are not just raising children;

they are reciprocally raising us as parents

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