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Self-care workshops


Putting ourselves in the spotlight

We are often raised with the message that the harder we push ourselves, the more of a hero we become. Checking off all the boxes on our to-do list becomes our priority.  The more intensely we work, the more we earn our “good person” badge, in our minds, and in society’s eye, until… we can't anymore.​

When we put ourselves in the spotlight, we can recognize and realize our own personal needs, wants,  and boundaries. Together, we will develop a habitual practice to regularly check in with ourselves, reflect on our choices without judgment, and gain clarity and certainty on how to best continue caring for ourselves.

​Through this discovery and practice, we will progressively develop a solid sense of self, deliberately prioritizing the relationship we have with ourselves while taking on an active role in self-care. With this inner stability, we will be able to count on ourselves moving forward.

​When we have ourselves to count on, we walk down our life's path feeling grounded, despite the turbulence along the way. 

Our bodies are self-healing machines 

I know how frustrating it is to be in the dark. At the age of 29, after having lost both my parents to cancer, I made a commitment to uncover how to prevent illness in my life. I eagerly dedicated the next fifteen years of my life to learning how to eat for health, protecting me from disease, and keeping me feeling at the top of my game. 

Today, I teach and share the knowledge and nutrition style that has the power to transform our health destiny, promote longevity, and maintain our youthful vigor as we age gracefully. Anyone can do this!

We are holistic beings and achieving nutrient adequacy is non-negotiable. Yet it is only one of the key factors in achieving superior health and longevity. It is the combination of emotional stability, nutritional excellence, mental clarity, and spiritual connection that creates stable health and promotes wellbeing.

Self-care is always the focus 

In a strange way, I am thankful for my challenging past. Knowing how I did not want to live my life, drove me to discover what was right for me. Seeking inner peace, meaning, and living an intentional and passionate life was the mental, emotional, and spiritual nourishment I was hungry for. Accumulating knowledge, developing tools to work through my stress, and becoming fluent in self-care became my ticket to thrive.

Through my discovery and practice, I have developed several self-care workshops where we come together and become conscious in developing an intentional, loving, and compassionate relationship with ourselves. Then we learn how to implement that as a daily practice.

Although it's called self-care, you don't need to do it alone. The first sign of health is to ask for help…and I'm here to help you.

You don't need to be perfect, you need to be you

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