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Sleep Support

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Sleep is a family affair

We become parents without a manual.  We get thrown into a new reality of being fully responsible for another human being without having a clear understanding of how to honor our baby's needs while staying true to ourselves, our values, and our needs as a family entity. I'll let you in on a secret...our baby's sleep is not just our baby's; it's a family affair. 

For both us and our children, our emotions act as indicators. When we approach our threshold, our emotions begin to stir. We override our need for a disconnect when we do not recognize and honor those cues. Then we snap, lose our patience, get irritable, and become overly sensitive and sometimes, even resentful. This is the body's warning light turning on. We can either recognize our body's cry for help, or we can ignore and neglect it, creating a greater sleep deficit. 

Reclaiming our family's right to a good night's sleep is not a trend, nor is it something to believe in. Sleep is a fundamental human need, is non-negotiable, and is critical for good emotional and physical health. It is our responsibility as the parent, to stand firm behind the wheel, and steer our family in the direction of suitable sleep. Our children are not mature enough to recognize the need for sleep, nor do they have the know-how. They are leaning on us to learn this skill, and anyone can learn it.


What you can expect

I will get to know you and meet you where you are. We will discuss your goals and find holistic solutions that honor your values and parenting philosophy. In the same way, we will get to know your child, discover their individual sleep and nutritional needs, and get clear on how to meet those needs while harmonizing them within your family's dynamics.

Your loving presence and clear guidance will strengthen the connection with your child so you can all sleep well and look forward to starting your days together with a fully charged battery. 

Quiet nights for you & your child

From chaos to calm

Sleep packages

  Newborn sleep course

Newborn - 3 months

Our babies were not born with a manual! Get the tools and support you need to start nurturing and encouraging wholesome sleep and feeding habits right from the start. This course includes an initial phone interview and 3 follow-up coaching calls at your request (within 3 months).


1190 NIS

  Full sleep consultation

Ages 3 months-5 years old

Healthy sleep habits develop when we understand who our child is, and how to meet their individual needs and boundaries. Over the course of the sleep plan, we get to know your baby and how to best support them in cultivating strong, independent sleep habits that will support them as they grow. This package includes a two-hour face-to-face consultation including individual sleep and feeding plans, followed by eight coaching calls and unlimited text moving forward.


2100 NIS

Additional consultations

For families with whom I have previously met

Every so often, life gets unpredictable and throws us into unexpected situations. We will learn to navigate through sleep regressions, separation anxiety, nightmares, and more.  Choose from various phone consultation options and get right back on track.    


220 NIS

Educating and guiding families towards healthful and restorative sleep for over 18 years


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Start your days with a fully charged battery

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