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Meeting ourselves with understanding...


My promise to you

I have dedicated my career to helping people set out on their inner journey and make changes that seem far away and unattainable.


Each situation I take on comes with its own set of beliefs and goals. It's my job to meet you where you are, without judgment, guide you along your path, and serve as your anchor when the going gets tough. 


Together we gain insight, learn to cultivate authenticity, develop the skills, and build confidence to empower you along your way. 


Sleep support


I help parents all over the world steer their family's sleep from chaos to calm. Whether you are just starting out on your journey or have been struggling for a while, I'm here to help you and your family sleep soundly again.

Parenting support


Parenting is really hard sometimes! Together we can uncover how to navigate our family's ship with confidence and inner stability while prioritizing the connection with our children and ourselves. You do not need to do this alone; we can do it together!

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Self-care workshops

Regardless of the topic, be it taking on a big change, improving your health destiny, or investing in yourself to prioritize your needs and boundaries, any change can only start with you. When we discover how to nourish the relationship that we have with ourselves, we can calmly focus on what matters to us, one step at a time. 

Sarit S.

With her expertise, wealth of knowledge, compassion and patience, Dorit gave us the tools and confidence to handle our babies ever changing needs. She created a sleep plan for us that took into account our preferences and our baby’s developmental abilities, and adapted the strategies as needed as our baby grew. Hiring Dorit was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Beyond the plan and tools, she provided us with so much support we cannot thank her enough.

Clients Recommend

Chani H.

I had the most wonderful experience working with Dorit! She is a gem! Her kind, caring and personal attention to my family was so special. She gently guided me through each bump and genuinely rejoiced with me over each victory step! 1000 percent recommended! Worth every single penny.

Dahlia R.

After years of checking in with society to figure out what was best for me, Dorit has helped me discover my own inner voice, which has started guiding me back to what is right for me. Learning to check-in with myself and understanding how to listen to my intuition when situations come up has been life-changing! Highly recommended!

Cultivate authenticity, develop inner stability, and gain clarity 

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